This site was created to provide readers with inspirational and uplifting news in these difficult times. We will provide accurate & good news stories and we will concentrate on providing news and stories that inspire and hopefully shape the way we care and encourage each other with uplifting stories.

The face of news hostility has become more prevalent, negative and biased mainstream news media locally and across the globe.

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Your story will be reviewed by our Content team, and posted if it meets Newsfix standards. We will keep you advised and let you know if the article needs to be edited to meet the newsfix guidelines.

Founders of newsfix.online

Martin Cartwright - Founder

Tina Cartwright - Co-Founder

We are a family who developed this site as a way to contribute to a good and inspirational news site. We live in a global world going through constant negative media in both mainstream media press and television. We have the ability to shape the narrative with good and inspirational story telling that not only resonates globally but enriches all our lives.   

Tina has been involved in community issues in our local area and has had great feedback about issues the community feel strongly about including inspirational story telling.  Tina feels we can harness the emotion into positive news stories both locally and globally to shape the way we can contribute to a better, fulfilling and more caring society.

You can reach us here or write to us at PO Box 7658 Norwest, Sydney NSW 2153.

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Newsfix enables stories to be told that inspire and motivate us for the positive contribution we choose to make in society. 

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